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What Happened to Kestral??


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Hey guys, thanks for asking about me. Where am I? Right here, at least right now. Haven't really had time to log on here lately. Hasn't really been on top of mind.

Had 2 weeks off for Christmas and I didn't use the computer much.

Rob is right, inner work, outer work, music has taken a back seat lately.

Work's been super busy, Macworld is this coming week but there's been a lot of preparation on my side leading up to it. Don't know if I mentioned but had my annual review in December and got really good feedback and a raise, that was really nice.

Usually get really philosophical during the holiday season and this year was no exception. Looking back on 2005, there were many good things that happened. Jobwise I'm really happy with how things went. In terms of music, every piece of gear I wanted/needed was acquired except for the Apogee converter (will order after NAMM, waiting just in case something new gets announced), and I know we all like to joke about my doing inner work but looking back, I've moved forward more in the last 6 months than I have in the last 6 years. And I think that's just the tip of the iceberg so really pleased with my progress.

The main reason for doing the inner work was because I wasn't happy with my outer world and after having tried and failed with "outer world" solutions, I realized that I needed to affect my inner world. There was a lot of doubt and uncertainty to this would even work. I now know I'm on the right track. Am I finally getting outer world results? The answer is, yes. Which is a big reason why I haven't been on here.

In any case, because I don't log on every day now, I noticed that there have been a LOT of changes here on HCFX. Member turnover, new management making their mark, avatars, very different here. I think it's a phase of my life that's over and done with. I'll probably log on from time to time but I won't be logging on every day reading and posting anymore. There are people here I still correspond with via email/IM so if you need my contact info, send me a PM. Otherwise you'll see me on here about once every week (or two weeks).

So hope everyone had a happy holidays and may all your new years resolutions work out. Mine are pretty ambitious this year so I better get cracking.

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