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Response from Maxon about trim pots...What does the photocoupler do in a compressor??


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So I emailed them asking about what the function of the trim pots in their phase tone and compressor pedal do. Here is the response I got.


"The trim in the CP101 controls the aligment of the photocoupler - do not adjust it as it is set to optimum and changing the setting will cause the unit to malfunction....


The PT999 has two trims - one is for the feedback loop of the phasing - adjusting this can increase the intensity of the effect slightly. The other is for alignment of the phasing sweep - this one should not be adjusted, as it can cause the unit to malfunction and not operate....."


Ummm, So I lied and told them that I hadn't touched them but I have. The one he said not to touch in the phase tone just moved the centre frequency around and has given me a nice throbbing vibe sound out of it. So eat me Maxon I like it the way it is. The other one on the phase tone just thickened the phase as they said it would. On the comp it just seemed to lighten the compression, now it is barely compressing the signal and I assume that it just lowered the compression ratio. So my question is for the compressor. When they say that it controls the alignment of the photocoupler what does that mean? What does the alignment of the photocoupler do in a compressor? And what the hell is with the " can cause the unit to malfunction" bull{censored}?

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