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How similar is a Bad Monkey to a TS9?


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Originally posted by insanemonkey

What are the main differences in tone and functionality here... talking about the new standard TS9s too.

Me & Help!I'maRock! A'Bed a BM and TS9 last weekend. I ended up buying the BM because it was like $60 cheaper. I'm also pretty much tone-deaf, so hopefully HIAR will pop his head in here, but to me they sounded about 95% similar. There was a tonal difference, the TS9 was creamier and maybe had a little more low mids or something, but it was close enough that I just went with the monkey. Functionally, the BM has 2 tone knobs (high/low) as opposed to the TS9's one tone knob. And the TS9's indicator light is notoriously hard to see.

Hope that helped :confused::freak:

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