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does anybody own the zoom gfx-1


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Originally posted by tomybitg

Thinking about buying this unit anybody own one?

I own one and it is for sale. It has only a few scratches on the side but the top is mint and the protective plastic over the LED was never removed. $70 shipped (48 states) with manual and original box.

I have decided to standardize on the G series and currently own a G2 (bedroom), G7 basement and soon a G2.1 for work. I am not very good learning a bunch of different brands of multi-effects, so I'm sticking with one. I like the drum machine feature and really use it a lot (the G7 does not have a drum machine built in).

Ther real question you need to ask is whether you want the newer G2 series or the GFX series. Each has its advantages/disadvantages.

Great sound
Drum machine
Latest technolgy

Great sound (listen to patch B1 - amazing metal patch)
Easier movement thru patches
Easier to program

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Just so you don't think my first reply was entirely a SPAMMER, you really should consider the G2 series along with the GFX-1. I did own the GFX-3 at one time and thought it was big step down for them (like the GFX-8) in terms of both sound and simplicity.

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