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WOT: Help me find a (cheap) Digital camera.


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I'm a cheapskate, and I'd rather spend the little money I make on guitar effects/equipment.. So can anyone please recommend some cheap digital camera's in the 100 dollar range that I can save up for? I'd prefer a small one, and I'm not going to nitpick over megapixels, really...


Right now I'm leaning towards these two:






Problem is that it's an 'off' brand, so I may just be taking a gamble with them. But they work off of internal rechargable batteries, so that sort of highlights the deal.


Any suggestions? I'm only going to use the camera casually, so it's not like I'm obsessed with quality.



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Originally posted by godard

I'm lookin' too so let's bump this sucka!



So far the Canon looks like the winner, if only because it has such great reviews...

I still wish I could find out more about this one, though: http://www2.oregonscientific.com/shop/product.asp?cid=6&scid=14&pid=488

If that camera is actually good... It would be such an amazing deal.

But it just reeks of 'too good to be true', eh?

Anyways, let's hope someone else comes along with some ideas. :)

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When I was shopping around several months ago I found the Samsung Digimax A402 to be a great deal. I saw several on Ebay for 50-100 bucks easy. 4 megapixels, pretty small size and good looking. Not sure if they're discontinued or not.

The Canon SD300 I bought in August was discontinued right after we bought it, and its upgrade, the SD400, has already been discontinued I believe. I had to buy an SD400 because my old one got stolen, and we bought the last friggin' one in the area.

These things seem to have a pretty short shelf life before they're pulled and the newer, more expensive version comes out, so if you're being a cheapskate look into picking up a discontinued model on Ebay. You can probably get a pretty nice camera that you can no longer buy in stores at a better price.

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