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Monsterpiece PNP


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Wow.... just got it, first thing i did was open it up. Now I have keeley, analogman, RMC, but none of those pedals are built like this one. He used solidcore wire....it's a freakin piece of artwork in there, symetrical, gorgeous. The only softwire was from the battery connecting jack. His solder's are clean and pretty. I am building my own clone 3 way boost, so I'm looking at these things....So pretty on the inside. So pretty on the outside....seductive red....it triggers feelings before you play it. Volume Bias and Fuzz.....it's not just monsterpiece, it's masterpiece. He is sending me another transistor, as I bugged him bout my indecision whether to go NPN, or PNP. He modified the box to give me top Jacks, as he hadn't produced these before. A gentleman indeed. Haven't gotten to play loud yet, got it at night, but will today. At low volumes, outstanding.

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