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Did Clapton ever play Classical Gas?


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Originally posted by josiahcooper

if you look up the tab it has clapton all over the place.

and if you search for the song on kazaa it has clapton everywhere

Sorry, I don't have Kazaa.

The situation may be similar to the one for "One of Us"
That Joan Osborne song is often credited to Prince, but Eric Bazilian (The Hooters) wrote it.

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He did NOT play it. However, it is released on a soundtrack-CD with EC, who wrote the core, on the cover.

The Story Of Us (soundtrack) (1999, Warner Brothers)

1 Main Title/(I) Get Lost
2 A Spoon Is Just A Spoon
3 The Girl In The Pith Helmet
4 Fighting
5 Empty Nest
6 Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now (performed by Ruby Braff and His New England Songhounds)
7 Touching Feet Under The Covers
8 Everything I Love Is In This Bed
9 Dry Cleaning/(I) Get Lost
10 The Sheik Of Araby (performed by Teddy Wilson)
11 Family Bed
12 Busy Baby Montage
13 Wonderful Tonight (live edit)
14 Silent Drive To Camp
15 Camp Montage
16 Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (performed by The Andrews Sisters)
17 Epiphany At The Bistro
18 I Hate The Kirbys
19 Love In Venice
20 Ben Takes The Apartment
21 Writing Montage
22 Pictures On A Wall
23 Classical Gas (performed by Mason Williams)
24 Let's Go To Chow Fun

ps: http://www.classicalgas.com/record.html

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Originally posted by Cadillac Todd

This from the cat who is named after a gay 80s car and has a picture of some {censored} stereo setup?


and this from some random douche who calls himself "cadillac todd" and "the great white pimp"? pa-{censored}ing-thetic.

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Originally posted by S-J-F

Have a look at this...(not Clapton)


I had two tickets for Tommy's show in December, but couldn't get out of work to go see him play.:cry:

He can do that standing up and leaping around a stage too, incredible player. Plays his acoustic with some nice long delays and loops on occasion.

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