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New Amp Makes Me Kind of Sad

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So I finally hear what everyone means when they say stompboxes take away some of your tone.



I think it's a combination of the new amp and new pickups. I was playing a Peavey Classic 30 before and my pickups were (I left two of them in for novelty purposes) VERY strange, so I couldn't really tell before. I'd throw all kinds of effects in there to do something about the weird tone my guitar produced.


Now it sounds great. the new amp is a reverend kingsnake and i couldn't be happier with it.


I sold off some of my pedals so I'm left without a fuzz (which I need), but my dan echo is definitely sucking out some of the tone. The effect sounds great but just takes a little away.




I always thought the tonesucking from a stompbox would be similar to the difference heard comparing MP3 to CD, not a big deal.. But this is definitely noticeable.


I guess I usually play by myself, so maybe in a band situation it wouldn't be a big deal.

But I've always wanted a tremelo pedal and I love the big muff. I guess I'll just try to keep the effects to a minimum. I'm really pretty happy playing the amp by itself most of the time, but I need at least delay and fuzz. I also want a blue box fairly soon.


What about the effects loop? Would that help save some of the loss?




I should bore my girlfriend with this for a while. Funny how girls only like the guitar thing for a few days.


I guess I only have one pedal i'm using that doesn't have true bypass... This is a real noob question, but do the new big muffs have true bypass? I thought I heard they did... I'm going to get one since I had to sell back an old one my friend lent me a while back.


I'm also stuck in an apartment where I can't get away with playing very much, stuck with acoustic mostly. So you can understand that I'm in a very vulnerable position (this is supposed to be getting silly).


I'll be moving out in less than two months though.



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