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I just scored a tonebone hot british

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Congrats on your purchase! Great deal at that price!

I just got my new Hot British AND a Celestion Greenback for my C30 today and I have to say that it sounds better than i ever imagined!

I swapped out the stock tubes for the normal/high gain JJ's from eurotubes a while back and this just completes the package... i cannot believe that my c30 has some serious balls now!!

Ive only had about 30 mins to play around with it so far, so id also be interested in other ppl's fav settings for this beast!

In the meantime, just work from the suggested settings by radial eng as they all sound pretty damn good, just need to adjust them slightly for your guitar/amp setup and you'll be up there in the fabled "tone heaven" in no time!


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