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So which effect to fill the last spot on a 5 spot board?


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What I have/am getting very soon...


TS9DX (808)

Vox V847

Boss CE-2

Rozz Analog Delay







So.. I don't really NEED anything, but I play jazz and blues... so I was thinking compressor or phaser? or EQ?


I'd just like to fill up that last spot.

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please try out the maxon and report back.
i'm not much of a modulation fan at all, but
something sounds attractive about the Maxon.

i have the Distortion Master sitting nearby,
i won't be able to try it until Thurs. night practice
since our space is about 15min. away and i have this
stupid paper due Thurs. that i keep putting off.
it just arrived today. its a beauty.

good points about the DS-830 so far:

unexpectedly light
very smooth switch
nice clean little LED (even though its RED:mad: )
build quality is 100%
sexy aesthetic
really not as big as i expected
thats more than my Picoso !!!!


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