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OT - Hiwatt Bulldog In the House

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I don't know how certain amp makers do it - but amps like Bad Cat, Orange, Atom Amps Metroliner, Reverend Hellhound, etc.. By that I mean making an amp with a voice unique unto itself. Now I understand what the Hiwatt sound is. And it's {censored}ing chewy and wonderful. Thank you Hiwatt owners for all the GAS these past few years. You made me spend money...I guess what goes around comes around :D


The band upgraded today to - we went to GC's special sales event and upgraded from our Yamaha 16/4MG series to an Allen & Heath WZ3:16/2DX with 24 bits effects.


We also upgraded our EQ'ing abilities by picking up an ART HQ series dual EQ with Feedback Identifier lights that show the sound man instantly which frequency is the offending party and allows a quick elimination of the problem.


It's been a good day for gear. Carry on. :cool:

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