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I caught my wife listening to jrak!!

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Originally posted by Andersonology

I was browsing the forum. got up to do something, and when I came back, she somwhow had jrak's yahoo page open. I told her the story about his 129th percentile theory and his awesome tunes.

God, I miss him......

what is the 129th percentile theory?

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just read Jrak dueling Robopimp. I missed the original thread but it is hilarious

there's a 1 in 129 chance you have a higher IQ then me.

I like my chances that you don't so I'd watch who I was calling an idiot because I don't know what that would make you ( retarded I guess, right? would you not then be retarded?)

why don't you go ahead and post some of your music you retard

then became

My IQ is 129, that's equivalent to the 129th percentile, out of every 129 people, technically, one has a higher intelligence then I do, and luckily every one is different so even though that person is also highly intelligent they are so in a different manner then myself, it's fun to be up there in IQ food chain, where are you?

Hi retard!

(by the way I would never tell anyone this ( well I rarely have) but you bastards! have made defend myself to the point where I realize I probably come off as a pompous asshole, but at least I'm a smart pompous asshole who makes kick ass sound)

Bye retard!

thanks for fun :thu:

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As a recent emigre to this forum, I missed jrak the first time around, but let me state for the record that his "tunes" are some of the most blatant abuses of human hearing I've ever heard...

My GOD, man. Sometimes even RoboPimp is right.

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Why does he call himself Howlin Magic now? He doesn't want to sign in as Jrak anymore?

BTW, funniest pic of Jrak ever:


Apparently it was posted by -

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