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Problems w/ Distortion & Fuzz pedals and VHT Valvulator


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I've been trying to decide if my current distortion/fuzz setup works with my new amp, a TopHat single class A EL84 20 Watter with a low watt Alnico speaker in it. When I tried everything setup in my pedalboard, I'm not really happy. The next day I pulled my Fuzz Probe and Hermida Grinder off the board and plug directly into them then into the amp to tweak them. I get decent sounds, think, "hmm, not as bad as I thought," then put them back on the board. They lose some low end and mids, the Fuzz Probe in particular gets thin and buzzy sounding, and the Grinder develops this hissy/fizzy high end thing. Both of them get a lot noisier, too. Here's my setup:


Fuzz Probe > VHT Valvulator > Ooh Wah > Teese RMC2 > Keeley TS9 Baked Mod > Hermida Audio Grinder > Dano Tuna Melt > PE Vibe > Ibanez PT909 > Ibanez PM7 > DOD FX90 > Ernie Ball Volume > Boss DD20. Everything is strung up with George L's, and my main cables to/from are Planet Waves.


Is the VHT the culprit? I understand it's supposed to convert your signal to a low impedance one to preserve the high end through lots of pedals and cable. Or is it one of the non-TB pedals, like the buffer bypass of the TS9? In the past, with my last amp, I went through each pedal placement one by one and got it all setup perfect, now really only the Distortion and Fuzz are bugging me. Am I looking at getting a different distortion pedal, and if so what modern ones don't have that fizzy high end?

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