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BOSS AC-3,...when..


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I pre-ordered a Boss AC-3 Acoustic Guitar Simulator pedal. Initially, they were expected to arrive in stores by mid April, however Musicians' Friend does'nt expect theirs untill the end of May. Yikes! .Anyone have any inside top secret information on when the Boss AC-3 might be available for purchase or, in my case, delivery?. (Boss also says probably around mid-April.

* There are 4-5 great acoustic patches in my Roland GR-20, but

they're super fussy and require dead-on perfect tuning. I can get

one or two to work struming very gently, but none of the 4-5 acoustic patches are just plain reliable as far as 'select' and 'play'

...so I bought an Ovation celebraty. I'm used to 009's, but I like it and it sounds great. But I'm hoping to get Acoustic tones at Strat

playing speeds with the AC-3. Thanks for reading my long-winded

introductory thread.

* I hope to enter a report here on the AC-3 very soon.


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