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Powering an AD-900

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I have no experience with the AD-900 at 18 volts, but it will work just fine with a Pedal Power 2/2+ if you use one of outputs 1-4 set to "ACA" ("up") mode. You also need a special cable to reverse the polarity of the plug in the pedal end, as the AD-900 needs a center positive plug (center negative is otherwise the standard). Do not just use one of the regular cables that came with the PP2, as that may damage the pedal. Make sure you get a reverse polarity cable, and you should be fine.


To get 18 volts from a PP2, you need to connect two 9 volt outputs in series. There are special cables for that particular purpose. Keep in mind that even though they may look like a regular daisy chain cable, they are wired differently, and can only be used for this specific purpose.



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