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2 boards?

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how many guys here have 2 boards?


do you ever start thinking about merging into one, or shifting pedals over?


Im thinking of setting up 2.



Keeley Compressor

Teese RMC2

5 looper;

1-MI Audio BBD

2-MI Audio Blues Pro

3-MI Audio Crunch box

4-MI Audio Tube Zone Deluxe

5-Dubtronics Brit->Frantone Peachfuzz

Boss CE2

MXR Phase 90

-basically for just rockin out.



Fulltone Clyde Deluxe

Foxrox CC2

Zvex Super Hard On

Sovtek green Big Muff

Keeley Baked TS9

Guyatone AD-X analog delay


pretty much for a 70's blues rock cover band.

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