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New Zvex interview

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Originally posted by hempathy

I like the idea of ROHS too, but the way it is being implemented wont do much to protect the environment.

Alot of the main polluters such as CRT monitors etc are exempt.

Vactrols are exempt according to Steve at Smallbear.

AFAIK there really is no ROHS compliant substitute for vactrols.



well that works good for me it was one of the few things that i dont have documented for ROHS compliant.


As far as CRT's go... how much longer do you think people will still buy them. I know here where i live you cant throw them away, you have to drive them to a recycling center... if you thow it in the dump or garbage you get fined

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Originally posted by zachary vex

hey, i'm not kidding!

thanks to longjohnny, oopsie, i mean RoHS, expect to see a 20% increase in prices on July 1, 2006.

i am NOT kidding.



i didnt see this. its ok, that would be tomorrow. I dont care. I never paid cash for any of my 10 pedals. I always get them on trade, and cheap.


but the lofi, id pay cash for that! so sweet.

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