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Have a go with my pedals!! PLEASE :) HELP!!!

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Hi.. I have this thread on GG, but there seems to be much more conversation on here these days...



Have a go with my pedals!! PLEASE :)



Seeing as i am never happy with the way i set my pedals up, i thought i would ask all of you to suggest what you think is best.


Ok, here is what i have (and current order).


Guitar to: Keeley Crybaby (outside pedalboard), Korg DT, Boss NS2, Boss CS2, Sweet sound Mojo Vibe, SPF Ego Booster, DAM Ramhead Pi, ReezaFRATzitz, BK Butler Tube Driver, Barber LTD, Sniper mod GE7, Phase 90, Boss CE2, Electric Mistress,

Then, outise the NS2 loop: Boss DD20, Ernie Ball Volume pedal.


So.... the bits that bother me the most...... Best place to put the Ego Booster, best place for the GE7 and maybe the odd bit here and there......


So. PLEASE, give me your advice and opinion. Although I tend to follow the classic logic for pedal order, i do find myself experimenting a lot, and even though i have a good sound, i always want it to be better.



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