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Distortion / overdrive pedals

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Hi Guys,


I have a single channel valve amp (no master volume) and I'm looking for an overdrive pedal with alot of gain on it, maybe a contradiction you are thinking... I use a Guyatone OD-2 at the moment which i like, however I am looking for something with a bit more gain/distortion to it, not too much tho. I like the expression of the overdriven sound, just need that little bit extra.


I have tried DS-1's and don't really get them, too much fuzz for me, also tried a BOSS MT-2 out of curiosity but again sounded too fuzzy and harsh, I had better results combining these with overdrive pedals but would just like one pedal, and something sounding more natural.


Was thinking about a Rat from the reviews I've read? Can any body give many any tips? Also, do most people get there sound combining overdrives with distortions?


Thanks in advance,



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