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Korg AX3000G setup Q's


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I've only been playing for about 3 months and I've since upgraded my crappy pocket amp to a Line 6 112 amp and just purchased the Korg AX3000G multi-effects processor pedal. http://korg.com/gear/info.asp?a_prod_no=AX3000G


This thing has so many sounds and effects it just fun going through all the different settings to see what sounds you can combine.


Any way, I like Metallica, ACDC, Pink Floyd, etc and I was wondering if there was a web site that has the settings to get the AX3000G close to Metallica settings or ACDC or any other bands?


Perhaps there are some users that would like to share their settings.





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I have KORGax100G


There is only one thing you need to know, the amp sims.


and what do the artists use.



eg Metallica used MesaBoogie MarkIV.

You can get similar tone by US-HiGain.


AC/DC used Marshall JCM800 or Plexi. BritishStack will get a tone closer to them.


Regarding EQ - you will havto worjk it out yourself coz it will vary depending on your amp and its settings

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