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tell me about rocktron blue RAMPAGE


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tell me about rocktron blue RAMPAGE

I have a vox pathfinder 15R,good for blues & rock

not good for metal, get a old blue rampage,clean the pots.

plug in the 15R(put the gain in 0,completey clean)

the RAMPAGE completey hijack the 15R, amp volume just in 3.

I got prety good metal sound,completely satisfed.


I already made some search,know there are lover out there,

but not some pro clame use it, and rocktron be called only made one good--HUSH,not RAMPAGE. so tell me the good /the bad of it.


i know it can sound good in ss amp,even in low volume,but

how it sound in ture amp? in big volume?

tell me the good/the bad.and the new rampage info is welcome.


and seems everyone said you want good meta sound,go for

the ture amp,is it a shame said it from a pedal.


as you can see, I am unexperience.any info would be helpful.

thank you.

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