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Fans of Americana/Roots rock - catch this tour if you can!


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I always try and catch Centromatic when they come through town (which is often, luckily), but this time they brought some canucks with them that also impressed me - The Great Lake Swimmers.


great voice, lyrics, nice intertwining lines of banjo and guitar, and a percussionist who does some really nice subtle things to move the songs along.


if you're a fan of Neil Young, Jay Farrar, Wilco, and later Buffalo Tom - you should make an effort to catch them in your town. I think these are the only ones left for this round, but they'll be back out soon.


Centro-Matic Apr 12 The Outland Springfield, MO


Centro-Matic Apr 14 Granada Theater- Dallas, TX


Centro-Matic Apr 15 The Parish Austin, TX

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