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i need help...


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ok im in hunt for a boost pedal..the amp im using is fender BJr and currently the effect im using is keeley ds1..


i tried the ds1 with an old ts9(as the booster) last week and loved it!!! the thing is im broke so icant afford to spend $345AUD for that old pedal..like really..so went to some music store around my area and one of them, i think its BH, suggested some pedals that they think suit my band's genre..btw we play pop rock songs..


here are some of the pedals they suggested:


bad monkey

mi audio blues pro

ibanez ts7



which one u guys think is the closest to ts9 sound?


im also thinking of behringer to800..i read some reviews and they said it sounded like the ts9..for those who own the behr t0800 what can uz say?


other pedals are welcome


thanks in advance

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