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I need help!


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Hiya folks! I need some help.

I am new here so forgive me if my questions are daft!

I have used a multi effects pedal for years and I am sick of it.

Hate the fear I get before a gig. Y`see, it has broken down a coupla times, and I`ve gone from wearing a warm, effected suit of armour to standing stark naked! My Rickenbacker amp doesn`t even have any reverb! Brrrrr. It was cold. So my plan is to buy a load of pedals off ebay (I am quite poor). Anyway, to my questions-

1-What can I use to get preset delays? Do all rack mounted units have presets? I was thinking about getting that Boss DD20 thing but it only has 5.

2-Can I use 2 compressors at the same time? One as a clean booster and another one on all the time.

3-What do people mean when they are talking about having some pedals in the loop. Why would I want to do this? Seems complicated.

Okay, I`m done! Thanks!


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