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hi, everybody!


My name is Rafael. I am the new one here. English is not my first language so please, be lenient for my grammatical and lexical mistakes.


I would like to ask you guys for advice. I would like to learn more


about scales and chords and therefore would like to buy a machine that


you can use for recording background chords so that you can practice


soloing over these chords. Well, I was thinking about keyboard with


sequencer but my friend told me that i am guitarplayer not keyboard


player and he said that it is difficult to record guitar on keyboard.


I was recommended guitar processor digitech gnx4. Is it good machine?


Do you think it could be helpful for somebody who wants to learn music


and soloing over chord progressions?


please write comments



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You want a looper. This will allow you to record chords and to play over them to practice.

I would recommend a Boss RC-20XL.

You may also be interested in a drum machine. I have a Zoom RT-123 drum machine, and it gives you a background beat as well as a bass guitar background. This allows you to practice to a set rhythm in a particular key.

Also, you can search online for guitar backing track sites, such as this one:


Guitar backing tracks have all the musical parts except for guitar, allowing you to play solos over the background music.

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