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Bixonic Expandora - Any users?

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I just sent my EXP-2000R Expandora back to Godlyke as I thought that it was broken, apart from a power cable issue which they say is fine now it has other things that I wasn't expecting.


It buzzes like an old radio and you get a little static build up when you touch the strings and also if you hit a high pinch harmonic its starts to fold back. The pedal has sliders for many setting - and the above only happens in the 'forbidden zone' as they call it, they say that this is characterstic of the 'forbidden zone' I'm not convinced, all other zones sound fine which kind of supports their claim.


Do other uses have the same experience with the forbidden zone? Are Godlyke right.


Just to support the pedal it really is an awsome sounding stompie with bags of potential.





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Guest Anonymous

i wanted to love that thing.. but yeah... i wanted it for a heavier distortion and all i could get was that nassty screechy squeeeel.

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