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Questions about using Berringer Midi Controller

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Hey all, im wondering what are my options here, im using the new Carvin V3 head and its midi channel switchable so numbers 1, 2, and 3 all switch with the midi controller on buttons 1, 2, and 3, thats great and all, i have my great old Digitech 2101 LE running in the global fx loop so am able to run one different patch for each amp channel, but am trying to figure out if its anywhere possible to have more amp channel switching simultaneously with 3 more programmed sounds assigned to different numbers and so on or what? I know i can keep changing the numbers on the controller and my digitech will change to those numbers but the amp stays where it was last told to go. Also is there any way to have the CC tell you what patch number you are on, the first bank reads 00(numbers 1-10) and the 2nd bank 01!11-20) etc.....im used to seeing the patch number displayed, been a long time since i dealt with MIDI........sorry, and thanks for your help!!!


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