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The Gibson Trailer


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My local music store had the Gibson trailer come to their location on Friday. Now I know each guitar in there has been hand selected, but there was (1) particular Black Beauty Les Paul that was AMAZING. It was a good ounce to ounce and a half lighter than any LP I have played to date, and it played like a dream. I was plugged into a Line 6 w/ headphones and even with that setup I was impressing myself with my playing and tone. This thing rang for days. The headstock didn't have any serial numbers but only said PROTOTYPE #2.

3 different guys were trying to buy that guitar. The owner of the store said he could order them a cusom shop one and they were like "No I want THAT ONE!" then the reply "That one is NOT for Sale" This went on for almost an hour. I also played a really nice 335 that i could see myself getting in the future. Had a ball playing some GREAT guitars.

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