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Digitech RP20...any settings?


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I have a Digitech RP20 and it is a very good floor unit IF you can take 10 million hours to tweek the settings. 99% of the presets sound like crap.......I don't know why they did that. I tweeked a few modules and now I can gewt incredible sound and tone. My 5150's (4 double stacks) have always been bottom end light, but now I have that killer solid tight bottom end that I always wanted, and in EVERY sound effect you can imagine. So I need settings so I don't have to spend a lot more hours doing guess work.


Most people buy one of these and sellit a week later, and for good reason. But if you take the time to play with it, it is really an incredible unit. And this damned thing has like 200 effects.every type of delay, chorus, distortion, flanger, phaser (except Script 90 of course (damn it!)............everything..........mono, stereo, mono/stereo morph, it goes on and on.............too much stuff actually.


The main thing that you have to do is to put GEQ's in certain places in the effects chain to tweek the sound of certain effects (you can have as many GEQ's as you want anywhere you want!).....that's the secret. It also has the "original" Whammy built in it because this unit was made a while back at the time the Whammy first came out.


I have the new upgraded software too. You can havee dual routing matrix as well.................this thing has both solid state distortion AND real tube distortion (a 12AX7) mounted in it,and you can use BOTH distortions at the same time...very nice.

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