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Rat in a small box


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I was on a similar quest, but ended up with a Foxrox ZIM. By itself not any smaller than a RAT, but the pedal layout means it's ergonomically much easier to use and fit on a board. In the process, I gained a second OD in the shape of the VT card, which turned out to be my favourite Strat overdrive pedal (well, the Gainster is pretty perfect too, but differently so).

In other words, if you have another OD pedal it can replace, the ZIM could be just the thing. I did have to have Dave Fox make me a custom RAT card though, since the TAR+ card had been tweaked to where it sounded more like an MXR Distortion+ and not much like a RAT at all. He may have changed it back, though...he did mention that he thought the one he made for me (which was essentially a stock vintage RAT copy, albeit with different value pots) sounded much better. The TAR+ had ended up the way it was because of feedback from some beta testers who apparently were more into 80s metal.

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