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Tonebone "Hot British" mini review


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I posted recently asking about this pedal, and have seen some recent posters also asking about it .. I just bought it a couple days ago, and thought I would give a mini review.


1st, let me say this pedal is not an Overdrive, nor is it a boost. I was interested in also buying the Tonebone classic Tr-Mode to compliment the HB, ..but I read it too is not very good at "boosting" .. if it is, let me know otherwise.


Soind: Right now, I have a Line6 Uber metal, and a Jeckyle and Hyde sitting next to it, Ithink those 2 pedals are a good referance for comparison .. J&H, being a good all round heavy distortion, and the Uber being a good modern distortion.


J&H .. the HB sounds very close to the J&H. The HB is better as it has a tighter bass, a bass knob, and has that missing mid range that the J&h Lacks. Its not a huge Mid hump in the HB, just those mids that really give it that nice palm muting Ride the lighning type sound. The HB has a much more focus, tighter bass, better mids, and a tad more distortion if needed.


Line6 Uber metal. I was able to a/b the 2 pedals, and was suprised the HB could match the ubers distortion. I run both Distortions at about 65%. The HB has alot more mids again .. not that mid hump, just that mid sweet spot.


My Settings on the HB for this is.


Level 75%. Does not work as a Boost, this level just brings it out front a tad more than 50%.


Highs 50%

Lows 50%

Contour 45% *this is a strange one, kind of like a presence/mid range*

Distortion 65% .any higher, and it starts to get a little muddy, but this level is plenty of distortion.


Top End: Flat *works like the highs*

Voicing: Notched *scooped, but not obnoxious scooped at all, and adds a ton of volume. You need to use one of the 2 voicings to get any volume out of the pedal*. The other Voicing essentialy sounds like a tighter, focused version of the Lead channel on my DSL .. very nice*


Mid Boost: Flat.


My gear, a Les Paul with Burstbuckers going right into a Marshall DSL50 with a 1960BV cabinet. Clean Channel.


Overall. The HB is a nice Tight, Focused Distortion. It sounds like a Jeckyle and Hyde done right .. With the Voicing set to notched, it reminds me of "Ride the lightning", with the Voicing set to Fat, it sounds like how much Lead channel on my DSL 50 should sound ..


It does not do Overdrive, it does not work as a Boost. Can anyone comment on the Classic/Tr-Mode. I want to goto 2 boxes for Distortion/OD .. I am thinking thr HotBritish, and the Class .. but am afraid the classic will not boost my OD like it sould.



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The HB is nice, as you've discovered. I have found that its hard to find other pedals to work with it - say you want to set the HB for a nice crunch and kick in another pedal for leads. It seems like using other OD's with it give it too much gain. I've had good luck using a graphic eq pedal for a solo boost. A clean boost should work as well.


I understand they will be coming out with a Trimode Hot British soon, I'll probably get that and sell my old one when that happens. You're right, if you like the HB, the Classic might not be enough for you, its a lot milder.

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It's a nice, smooth sounding distortion. I like it to fatten up my amp gain sound for leads, and in that context it gives enough sustain for Nigel to finish his sandwich.


I don't like it as much by itself into a clean amp because it's not all that "bitey."


Overall, I've been happy with it.

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I owned the Hot British and found it to be a very nice sounding pedal. It just wasn't for me or better put not what I was looking for. I tried all the setting in the book and found alot of them very nice but I couldn't get the heavy Metal tone out of it running in my Fender Twin amp. It does metal well but I was looking for something different.


Great pedal and well built. I like the built in tube, cool idea.



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