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anyone purchase the BK tube driver??

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Yes, I got one from BK about a month or so ago. First off, BK was really great to deal with and answered all my emails within like an hour each time. Super nice guy. I was a bit apprehensive dropping $299 on it (I went with the standard model) but I wanted to see what all the buzz was about since I never played a Tube Driver before. I got it exactly when BK promised I would have it and I hooked it up and started exploring it. At first, I was left a bit underwhelmed. But that was because I did the standard, turn all knobs to 10 thing. Once I tweaked the four knobs, I found that the volume cranked a bit to around 2 o'clock, hi around 11 o'clock, lo around 10 o'clock and the gain around 5 o'clock produced a really great, saturated but cutting (plenty of mid presence) high gain sound. Much better than my Tonebones. Upon further exploration, I found that the real beauty of this pedal is in stacking. My Skreddy Screw Driver with the gain set low running into the Tube Driver (with the gain backed off to about 9 o'clock) gave me the best high gain sound I have come across in pedals. I immediately took my Crunch Box off the board due to this. The ultimate stack is the Tube Driver running into my OCD (I prefer it that way versus the OCD into the Tube Driver). The Tube Driver on it's own can produce a really nice low to medium gain crunch that is smooth and creamy. The possibilities with it are endless depending on what you mix it with and where you set the gain levels. The Tube Driver is indespensible to me now. I couldn't be happier with it and it is worth every penny. I might even send it back to BK and get it modded for the bias option. But I don't want to be without it to do so. I experimented with different tubes in it and yes, different tubes radically alter the pedal. I settled on the tube that it comes with. I had asked BK about the tube and he told me that it is specially produced for him to his standards specifically for this pedal. It is not just a stock, off the shelf tube. Overall, a great buy and I don't think you would be dissapointed with it. :thu:

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