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Seymour duncan "Twin Tube Classic"...THE HOLIEST GRAIL!!!!.....

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I've been playing 25 years and I'm a bit of a gear freak.

I've been through tons of overdrives from the boutique stores in NYC to mailorder such as Musictoyz, etc.

I've bought and sold on Ebay left and right trying to find the best overdrive.

I came to the realization that there is always a very fine line between pedals. None were *drastically* different from the others tonally, but how they were set up was always a personal factor for me.

My all time fav, and the pedal I always revert back to and never sold was my Fulldrive.

The thing that the Fulldrive lacked was a volume for the high gain second channel.

Well to cut right to the chase...the new Seymour duncan "Twin Tube classic" is truly a killer pedal!

I was totally shocked and impressed.

It has a nice layout starting with the body shape.

It runs on two USA made phillips-sylvania Mil spec tubes.

It has vol/gain for BOTH channels...this is very important to me!

I can set up a nice rythym and kick in channel two for a solo and have either high gain or even gain response to my rythym channel. Both channels are voiced similar too.

It also has bass and treble which is shared by both channels.

The fact that it is shared can be thought of as an issue, but it really is voiced nicely and doesnt really matter.

Both bass and treble have a nice taper and work well.

It can do a smooth Eric Johnson to a brighter cutting edge nicely.

Channel one is more overdrive with less gain, but still more gain than a tubescreamer...channel two is higher gain into distortion territory, but with the gain backed off it can do light overdrive just as well.

Channel two cranked has some hiss...but dont they all.

Otherwise when backed off a bit the hiss lessens dramatically.

All in all...this pedal is a keeper IMO.

I'm impressed!


$200+ at GC.


Negative Issue #1 ....WALWART!



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The Twin tube can do alot of gain on the second channel.

Too much gain for myself!

I too noticed the high gain "buzz" on the Seymour Duncan website.

Well at least they are honest.

Yeah it hums at highest gain setting, but no more than any other high gain distortion maxed out.

I really wouldnt think you need that much OD anyway...but thats subjective.


Well my first comparison when I wrote the review was with a Keely modded Boss BD-2.

The BD-2 was brighter if need be, but the Twin Tone has more useable options. It is also bright, but not super bright like the BD-2. The BD-2 is also fizzier ..kinda like an overdrive meets fuzz.

After the review I compared the TT to my Fulldrive, and the Fulldrive was a bit more "together".

Maybe its the mids of the Fulldrive that balances the tone a bit more.

Ultimately the Twin tube is still a killer pedal...and dont be afraid of the Seymour Duncan name as opposed to some underground boutique pedal maker that everyone talks about...its really a decent pedal worth checking out.

Maybe not the "Holy Grail", but gettin' close.



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By the way, my gear consists of a Musicman RD50 w/ a 10" JBL E110 (ceramic JBL)...a very chimey amp...set bright.

A Don Grosh strat with Dimarzio virtual vintage pickups.


So your gear may vary to my review...and your tonal taste... bright or smooth.


- Robert

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