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Maxon od9 or od808/screamer advice plese!!(don't fall asleep!!)


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I know that everyone falls into a cataleptic coma whenever a tubescreamer post gets posted, but please try and stay awake long enough to help me out here!!


I'm running my new Gibson R4 into a vintage ts9 into my minimat. The ts9's bass loss doesn't bother me too much with my other guitars, but the r4 is such a bassy guitar its really noticable.

Which maxon / tubescreamer pedal shall I get??I want something thats not going to rob bass (even better if it can add it!!) not too bothered about the highs, its all about the bass and mids for me.I'm also looking for a pedal that retains the guitar and amp sound, and that can also get sludgy.

My maxon od820 sounds good, but its not really sludgy enough, besides that stays in my gig rig, I want another pedal to use at home.


Any ideas??!!

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