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* Preservation's Murderous Rage *

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i even posted a myspace blog about this.

i come in to work today and immediately check my inbox. hrm, here's a little note

from Sherrie Payne - one of the administrative secretaries in our Anesthesiology Department...

lets see what she has to say:



Hi, Information Systems People. Sylvia treated us to an Administrative Professionals lunch today. We have lots of left over pizza and salad. If you would like, come on down to the West 7 Anesthesia Conference Room tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. and help yourself. (I think you may have some new people up there that I don't know and didn't email, so please let them know in case they are not included in this email.) Thanks, Sherrie


perhaps not surprising to all of you, but i want to tear her a new one - either through e-mail or a phone call. my boss would probably not approve.

any ideas how i can stab this witch in her cold black heart or 'bump into her' in the stairwell?

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