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Pic of my guitar, amp and cab

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Nice rig E D

Too bad the guy at Mad Sounds is on hiatus.
I would really like to try one (or two) out.

Here's a pic of the home-sized setup I've been using for the
stereo pedals recently....no mods to the Jr's yet, but that'll
happen soon...tweek the tonestack, etc after I swap in decent tubes.


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The amps:
The pedalboard, minus the TC M-300 for dynamic delay:
The guitars: Cloud9 R9:
1999 R9:
CS 356F-59:
Duesenberg Ron Wood Ltd.:
Adamas Steel String Cutaway Prototype #1:

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Originally posted by SeeMoore

Nice setup, I like that Paul copy too, looks very good.

How does it sound through that Z ?



It sounds killer. The Z is a unique beast. It can be tricky but rewarding. It's almost like a combo of quite a few classic amps in one package. I'm still learning how to tame it.

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