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Makoto Kawabatas sound (Acid mothers related)

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Just had to share this: Last night was INCREDIBLE, and now I am the proud owner of a JC-120. I got to see ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE play at my friends house for free. Amazing show. They played Pink Lady Lemonade with a few jams inbetween, and Kawabata was just amazing. Just wondering if any of you know what kind of pedals he uses. From what I could see he was playing on a vintage fender twin reverb.




2 Morley wah's





Just saw this message on theyre site.


"thanks for coming to our secret gig in Las Vegas!

it was the first time house concert for us!

we played the different set from any other shows in this time."


They're headed to Arizona if any of you gear heads can find out for me. It would be much appreciated.


And to everybody else, I highly reccomend checking them out if they're in your area.


- spidey

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ive seen them several times and they are so great and spaced out! just monstrous. all the gear ive seen has been mid quality stuff. i mean its good but nothing what i expected when i first saw them. i was thinking they were going to have all these crazy fuzz's and delays. but no, boss, ehx maybe a rat. alot of it is sheer volume and reverb. for synths they use a roland sh-9. a little one oscillator mono synth. and when cotton was in the band she would get noises out of the another roland system 100 module, i think. im gonna see them in LA when they come.

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