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Boss OD-20 VS Digitech EX-7 VS The real pedals?

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hi guys. Heres the situation. Usually i play a setup of this Keeley Compressor->Katana Boost -> Java Boost -> MT-2 With the digitech RP-200 in the fx loop..and if im havin a blast, the 1960 kay tremolo


Now i need to occasionally match other guitar players. My MT-2 died, and my digitech has the classic busted pedals again. I got a gig next sat, so i cant rely on the digitech.


Beleive it or not, but the MT-2 is alotta fun on the carvin amp..after you tweak the living hell out of the mids..


And at the local guitar shop theres an OD-20 layin there..guy asks 75$ but everytime i ask it gets cheaper. Im mainly getting it cause it had the MT-2 feature, but after i played it tonight at sam ash, i kinda liked some of the other pedals on it as well. However i was hooked up to a crap ass bass amp, so my experieince was screwed up a bit.


Im curous how much to the real thing does it sound? especially on the tubescreamer and MT-2.


And the digitech expression factory isnt out of the question, ive just been meaning to ask about it. HOw are these 2 multi fx VS the real thing?


Thanks in advance!

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