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Boss RCL-10 or Yamaha DP100 Compressors?

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Anyone got any experience of a Boss RCL-10 Micro Series half rack compressor or a Yamaha DP100 half rack compressor/limiter and how they compare against a Boss CS-2 pedal?


I am putting together a simple rack to integrate with my guitar amp, a Trace Elliot Super Tramp Tube 100W 1 x 12"


The amp gives me all the basic clean and dirty sounds I need at different levels and I control it with a Laney Babelswitch which is a 1U rack midi switcher/looper (4 Switches plus 2 Loops). All 4 switches are controlling the amp. I have recently got a Yamaha EMP100 half rack effects unit which with the amp's spring reverb provides the simple effects I need. This sits in a loop of the Babelswitch in the effects loop of the amp. The amp's loop is not switchable so the babelswitch does this for me.


What I am now thinking about is putting a compressor in the other loop in front of the amp's input. How do the above two half rack units compare against the Boss pedal I already have? Either would make for a neater rig than trying to mount the pedal into the rack I'm trying to build, but if the quality isn't there, then I'll just use the CS-2 I already have.


Also would you put a wah-wah pedal before or after the compressor in the signal path?

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