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Boss Ps-5 - Stereo Amp Setup; "Hum Problem"

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What's up guys,


Chiming in here for some expertise from some fellow pedal junkys :D


Here is my signal chain and Amp Setup first -


2) 5150's

1) Mesa Tradional 4x12 ( stage left)

1) Marshall A cab 4x12 (stage right)


-Front of amp-

Shure Wireless --> Bad Horsie 2 --> Boss Sd1 boost--> Boss Tu-2 tuner --> ISP Decimator noise gate --> Boss Ps-5 harmonizer --> output A to stage left 5150, output B to stage right 5150.


- Fx Loop-

Boss DD6 Delay --> Boss Chorus (used for solo and clean tones)


1 Peavey 5150 footswitch that will control both heads once I figure out how to do that lol (haven't gotten there yet

:eek: )


So basically I'm using the harmonizer as an a/b/y box, When Its off it splits the guitar to both amps, when engaged the root note stays in the stage left cab, and the harmony goes to the stage right cab, everythings sounds amazing except that I am getting a NASTY buzz on the B output for some reason, I'm not quite sure why though, the other amp is dead quiet... anyone have any ideas? Any advice is greatly appreciated....


Thanks in advance as always!:thu::cool:

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