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my brief time with the ICBM fuzz

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I love this pedal!

I've never had a muff of any sort because I didn't want to end up with a pedal that was too close to a distortion/od

but after jumping into the fuzz world with a superfuzz clone I just really wanted something to bridge the gap

and I was really looking for something just like this


It's got a perfect amount of fuzzyness but still is very musical even with the sustain all the way up

beautifull singing tone and gritty crunch

lows still in tact and all the other standard mumbo jumbo


I really didn't want to review as much as just say that I'm happy


so far I've only been able to use it with my tele and twin

I'm looking foward to getting ahold of my paul and jmp and seeing what happens


lastly, I like how I can get different tone using my bright switch on the Twin and using the tone on the pedal

it makes it that much more interesting


I've been dialing in the compressoin, delay, and various modulation to get that gilmour sound

close enough, now if I could just get some more talent

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