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I Got A Dm-2!!!!

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Originally posted by AnalogJunkie

and i just got offered 700$ for my acoustic... can you say KLON??? how about RMC3???

I've owned a Klon and I own a Teese RMC-3. Great pedals, but before you blow your wad on a Klon...get a Keeley modded Blues Driver.

Seriously, the Keeley BD-2 will nail about 98% of what the Klon can do plus it is way more range gain wise. You can literally go from totaly transparent clean boost to skull crushing chunk and all points in between with the twist of a knob...for less than half the price.

I sat and A/B'd them for days on end and in the end, there wasn't enough of a difference between them tonally to justify holding on to the Klon. The only thing the Klon had going for it is if you push it with a clean boost before the input it responds a little nicer than the modded BD-2...to solve the problem I just run the boost after the BD-2 instead.

Definitely get an RMC-3. I wouldn't even use a wah if it weren't for that pedal. It's really THAT good.

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