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need help with loop.


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fx loop


oh man


dudes i need help...


To understand and know how to rig and use a effects loop.


Anyone PLEASE.


I dun even noe what i need.


But i heard the difference in tone while i was jamming with my friends.


So i wanna know what to do and how to do to get to tone heaven


Currently i have this chain in order


USA fender tele >>> 535q Wah >>> mxr supercomp >>> Mxr phase 90 >>> route 66 >>>Keeley DS-1 >>> Line6 tap trem >>> Boss DD6 >>> amp.


Gonna get a amp with loop like really soon.


But i wanna noe how to use it the next time i step into the studio.


Desperate now.


H E L P!!!

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Wah, compression, dirt pedals all tends to go in front of the amp.

Chorus, flange, delay, reverb all go in the loop normally after the amp's preamp/gain stages.

As such I'd put your Line6 tap trem and the Boss DD6 in the loop of your new amp.

But it's worth messing around and put things in different places - you might find some effects unexpectedly work better in the loop or in front of the amp - you never know until you try it.

Good luck with it

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The loop basically splits your amp into two sections; the pre-amp, which has the overdrive and tone controls, and the power amp, which has the reverb and drives the speaker.

That means that any pedals in the loop will be after the amp's overdrive.

Therefore stick any pedals that you want after dirt into the amp's loop.

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