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OT: alice cooper & status quo gear pics


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i worked at Schwung festival and managed to make some pics (i would have made more and the quality could be better but i blame the battery of my camera..)


here's a personal view on what i saw and heard:


Ted Nugent sounded great but everything was a little too much camo and stars 'n stripes for me. the sound came from 2 H&K Triamp Full stacks.


Dio used 2 Engl Powerball full stacks and some extra Marshall stacks for show. I'm not a big fan but it was a good gig.


Status quo had 14 amp heads on stage. With the same amount of cabs (+ the cabs of the keyboard player and some extra 4x12's with lights instead of speakers) All amps were housed in white Marshall heads and even all the gear of the keyboard player was covered in the same white tolex. (there were 2 bass amps, 4 vox AC30, 2 JCM800 el34, 2 JCM800 6550, 2 JCM2000 and 2 JCM900) An impressive wall of sound for an impressive gig.

it's sad they step right from the stage into their bus to the airport...


Both guitar players with Alice Cooper had an amp rack with 6 marshall cabs (one rack with JCM2000 and Krankenstein amp one with a white plexi a black super lead MKII) a great gig with all the songs i wanted to hear (except for elected)


here's the pics: http://sic.fotopic.net/c974664.html

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