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G-Major and poor chorus sound

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I've got a TC G-Major wired into the FX loop of my Marshall 30th Anny amp. I simply cannot get a audible chorus sound out of the G-Major. There are 2 chorus' available, and I've tweaked the parameters for each of them to death, but I can't hear any difference between the chorus effect and when the chorus is off/bypassed.


I've tried running the G-Major in both serial and parallel with the amp, including setting the G-Major's "Kill Dry" setting accordingly. All levels are at 0db (ie. the max). I've set the mix anywhere between 0 and 100%. WTF?


One of the factory presets is called Lush Chorus. This preset sounds no different than when it's off/bypassed.


I *can* get a chorus-like effect by using the pitch shifter, however.


Is the chorus effect meant to be used in a stereo rig? I used to own a TC chorus pedal, and THAT thing had a lush chorus. I can't get anything like that old pedal. For what it's worth, all the other FX like delay, reverb, etc. work perfectly.



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It should work. As a test put the G-Major in front of your amp and try the same preset.


A stereo chorus can be used mono.



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I find that the max chorus effect occurs at 50% mix level. That parameter is set within the chorus effect itself. I have no idea why but it will fix your problem.



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Listen to this Gmajor chorus sound (only a Gmajor used)


Gmajor chorus


Try this settings if you liked that sound...


FX blocks routed semi-parallel


Classic Chorus



Hi Cut:5khz





Voice1: -7

Voice2: +9

Delay1: 10ms

Delay2: 15ms

Mix: 35


Dual Delay


Dly1: 600ms

Dly2: 650ms



Hi cut: 3.5khz

Mix: 35%


I don

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