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DIG THIS!! cool ass tones!!!!

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Originally posted by erksin

Very cool - thanks for posting this, Sean!


man he just seems to harness that :eek:


did you hear the total fuzzout on How Many More Lives, at the end? SOunds like somethins BLOWN!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!


killin :D

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Originally posted by erksin

His tone on 'All Your Love' was excellent...

Really well recorded too, yes?

Who are these guys..?!


He told me he plays outside on low volume gigs and needed the 1/2 watt Classic..


He got his amp today and unloaded that on me.. :D


I was shocked .. Very nice surprise to my ears..


Real cool guy too..


heres his email he wrote..


Hi Sean,


I got the amp today.....it sounds like a tube amp!!! I use it with a 12"

speaker from the 50's and the tone coming out was like the old Chess

Recordings. With my Toneman's Rangemaster was completely British.


I can't believe how this little box sounds like a tube amp, I am completely

amazed. It is exactly what I was looking for.


Thank you so much for your incredible work and help.


Here's what I do (click the link, then music and then hi-fi), check it

out.....if you are into Blues/60's British stuff I am sure that you going to

like it:






Thanks one more time,


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