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Check out my sweet score


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I already had one but I picked up another for only $372, in great condition. It was a gift of a lady to her ex-fiance - you get the point.

Olympic White Jimmie Vaughan Signature Strat.



as you can see it is a wonderful vintage cream color. The back of the headstock its also more orangey - old looking than my other




here it is with its brother, which I will be selling




tell me how you like :cool:

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correct jeff - was intending to resell the other.

it's called parents. I still live with them.
I can turn over the burst easily for over $400 and pocket the difference so I told my dad that and he understood and gave me the loan.
Nothing comes cheap though - the only gear I get for free is on birthday and xmas, and they pay for lessons and strings. i'm happy with it.

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