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Found my 1st ever pedal - Omnifex Analogue Delay!!!

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I am so chuffed. First ever pedal I bought was an Omnifex Anague Delay pedal. Not realising what I had back then, I thought it was {censored}... I thought I had sold it, but was rooting through some stuff at my folks and found it.... Can't wait to plug it in and give it a try... It's made in Taiwan, but the circuit board say JAPAN AD1...


Can anyone tell me more about this pedal? I will post photos when I get home, but I am still at my folks and they got dial up...


This off HC reviews...




When I plugged this in at the Trading Musician, I cranked the Repeat and Mix, struck a note, and listened to it feed back. Then, twisting the Rate knob, twisted and warped the pitch of the feedback... It was wonderful to an extreme. A definite mayhem machine.


This is what I remember of this pedal... Back when I was 15 I didn't appreciate it!


Edit: The circuit board name is Japan AN-1.

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