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what does my little collection need?

mr benn

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okay folks here's what i got,tell me what i'm missing!


ross orange phaser

pearl ph-03 phase shifter

boss ce-2 chorus (thinkin about the keeley speedy mod?)

marshall shredmaster

zvex super hard on

lovetone big cheese

dan coggins(lovetone) designed fuzzmania germo fuzz kit

maxon od-808 (thinkin about the analogman 808/silver mod)

ibanez sd-9 sonic distortion original (on the way)

ibanez ad-9 analog delay original

dd-5 digital delay( thinkin about the keeley hi cut mod?)

digitech whammy 4

colorsound dipthonizer filter/fuzz

tu-2 tuner

boss volume pedal

roland space echo 301

pearl vorg ep 401 8-track echo

zvex lofi loop junkie (on the way)

korg ms-10 analog synth (with instrument input)

bredhead true bypass/feedback box



heres what i'm thinkin of getting rid of...

snarling dogs mold spore ringmod/wah

boss dc-3 digital dimension

ps-3 pitch shifter

rv-5 reverb

ds-1 distortion

od-2r overdrive

mxr dyna comp reissue

NYC small stone ri

dod analog delay

wasabi forward reverse delay


think i might dump these,too many multiples of samey effects

any opinions guys?

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p.s i'm not posting this just to show you all what {censored} i have,theres many here with way nicer than this,but i'd love any input at all on ways to improve my rig,maybe pedals i should or should not sell?

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markom? nah! check my sig! these threads always seem a bit wanky don't they! i guess i'm trying to convince myself to sell some stuff i don't need,but i need moral guidance/support! sellin gear's tough :cry:

guitars sg,es135,jap strat and few tele's

a tweed bassman reissue and 79 jmp 100watt head on a 68 basketweave cab,a blues junior and a little dano solid state amp thats cheap and cheerfull sounds good too!

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indeed it's embarrassing,also our singer is now going to toronto for about four months then switzerland for about another six (part of his degree) so my rather lame excuse for havin all this stuff is now gone for about a year!

i really should sell stuff,but i'll only end up getting more stuff...

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For trem, everybody loves the Semaphore. The Tremulus Lune is also cool and not as expensive. The Tuna Melt is a low budget option that sounds good.

For filters, I recently got a Tonefactor Analogue Filter that I really like. The Line 6 FM-4 has alot of cool sounds.

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Originally posted by BrianPhase90

I suggest you do a pedal giveaway and become a wonderful person at peace with yourself in the process...

Ill take the PS-3


brian i'd be more than willing to do a "pedal cultural exchange" with your boss dm-3! :thu:

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