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Distortion Factory vs Metal Zone

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Hey guys, I have been looking for a pedal to satisfy my distortion needs ever since I plugged my Strat (of all things) into my friend's Crate GX-212. It was thick and punchy with face-melting metal to spare (exclamation marks here).


I went to the shop today and looked at most all of the Boss pedals they had (all the digitech ones were behind the counter), including the DS-1, SD-1, and MD-2, but what caught my ears most was the MD-2.


On the Digitech side, I eyed the Distortion Factory having seen reviews for it before, and tried it out. All the settings were distinct, though it was a great pedal.


Between the two, they are the same price and have similar sounds (at least the one I liked on the Digitech).


Tip me one way or the other!

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